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Affiliate marketing is easier than you Think and in this video I'm going to Show you exactly what you need to do to Start making money super fast with Affiliate marketing just before we get Into it guys I just want to remind you That you can get all of my courses for a Massive discount for a limited time only Each of my courses is valued at 197 but For a limited time I'm selling all five Of my courses bundled together for a Flat price of 77 That's a Bing ads affiliate marketing Course which can also be used with Google ads that's a push ads affiliate Marketing course that's a native ads Affiliate marketing course that's a Gumroad product creation course and it's A YouTube monetization course now Everything that I'm teaching you in These courses are things that I actually Do myself and to show that you're gonna Find case studies within each each of Those courses so you can actually see This working so guys jump on this now It's only 77 for a limited time that's 985 dollars worth of value for 77 and if You buy now you will also get lifetime Access this never expires with that said Let's get into it now there are lots of Ways to make money with affiliate Marketing but one of the fastest ways That you can make money is with brand Bidding now if you've never heard of

Brand bidding before what brand bidding Is is where you are bidding on the Product's name in Google or Bing ads and So when someone is thinking about buying A product and they type the product name Into Google or Bing your ads gonna show And so if someone clicks through on that Ad there is a high likelihood that They're gonna go ahead and buy the Product and this makes sense when you Think about it so let's say someone is Thinking about you know I've got too Much fat I want to lose weight or I want To do something about my diabetes or I Need to do something about my skin They're browsing around Facebook or They're looking on some news websites And they see a Facebook ad or a native Ad talking about this weight loss Program this diabetes control program This blood sugar program this skin Cleansing routine so first thing they do They click through on the ad they look At the sales page they see this BSL or They read the text sales page and They're very interested in the product But most people when they first are Confronted with a product they're not Going to buy what they're going to do is Go away and they're going to think about It they're going to come back later and Then they're going to make a decision so They've seen the product they know the Product name they go away for a few days

And they think about it when they Finally remember that product again and They think oh yeah you know what I'm Really unhappy with my way to my Diabetes or my skin or whatever it Happens to be I'm going to take action I'm going to do something about it and I'm going to use that product that I saw The other day probably they don't Remember the website but they do Remember the name of the product so what Do they do they go to their browser or They go to Google or they go to Bing and They type that product name into the Search window you've got ads running Based on that product name ad shows up They go oh there's that product I was Thinking about they click on your ad They go through your affiliate link to The product and they subsequently buy You get the commission very little work For you even if you had to make a Landing page before they go to the Affiliate page very little work you Didn't have to convince them of anything You just had to say hey you're looking For that product click my affiliate link But as easy as this sounds there's a big Problem with this process and let's go Over to my PC right now and have a look Okay so right now we're in the ClickBank Marketplace all right and we're going to Go to our top offers in the marketplace So these are the best converting offers

Right now you'll see here we've got a Gravity score of like 1538. that's an awesome gravity score Right that means that they are selling a Lot with many many Affiliates promoting Right this product is called alpilene I Personally haven't promoted this product All right so let's click promote and Create a hop link And we're going to copy that to the Clipboard we're going to open a new Window we're going to paste this and go And that's going to take us through Probably to the text sales page right so We probably have to add some parameters To get it to go through to the vsl but Um for the moment the text sales page is Okay and if you are brand bidding that Would be all right too now one of the Big problems with this right is this is Great we've got a tech sales page we've Got an order now button straight in Front of us right the ordinal button Stands out so if we were to send people Through to this affiliate link if they Already knew about the product we sent Them through this affiliate link they go Oh yeah that's the product there's the Order now button right this is a great Way to make sales but the problem is Products like this on ClickBank the Popular ones on ClickBank they no longer Allow you to Brand bid or the vast Majority of them don't right you can

Still find some diamonds some gems on ClickBank that will allow you to brand Better at least don't prohibit brand Bidding but a lot of these products that You would love to promote because you Know how popular it is You can't because uh brand bidding is Not allowed so what do we do well the First thing you can do is you can Continually search around ClickBank for New products that are added to the Marketplace and you can promote them as They're added to the marketplace uh when They don't have any terms against brand Bidding the next thing that you can do Is you can go over to a site like click Dealer now if you've never heard of Click dealer before click dealer is a CPA Network and a lot of the offers that You'll find on ClickBank are also on Click dealer a lot of the offers that You'll find on other networks are often On click dealer sometimes with better Commissions now the great thing about This network is you can join this Network and you can get recommendations About products that actually allow brand Bidding your account manager will send You recommendations about products that Allow brand bidding now how do I know This because that's what my account Manager does and my account manager Knows that the people that I send to Click dealer often like to Brand bid so

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What happens is anyone that signs up Under my link they will get the same Account manager as me and they're also Going to get access to a Skype group and In that Skype group our account manager Sends us recommendations regularly about The products that a we could promote by Any method but also be the products that We can promote via brand bidding the Products that he's found that are okay For us to do brand bidding on so when Our account manager is recommending These ones can be brand bid on that Means that we are safe to go ahead and Brand bed you know we're not going to Get into trouble okay so let's have a Look at the kind of products that we can Find on click dealer let's just go let's Put this into let's say we're going to Promote to the us all right so we're Just going to go United States all right And uh then what we're also going to do Well let's just search let's just apply On that all right and then what we might Do is you might put a keyword in here Let's put diabetes Okay nothing let's put uh sugar for Blood sugar see what we get okay uh Sugar dating sugar balance all right so Here's a product sugar balance Um there we go okay we have to apply for The offer before we can preview in a lot Of cases we only have the small preview Here

But applying is as simple as just Clicking the apply for offer button here Like so All right and then what we need to do is We need to say how we're promoting so we Could go Um all right we're going to promote PPC Search And apply it so I just picked that Product at random right so Um I don't know if you can actually Brand bid or not Um we don't really have any restrictions Okay the restrictions we've got here are No incentive no Servo right so Um Probably this is a product weekend brand Bid on right and having promoted sugar Balance on another Network I do know That it converts and having promoted via Brand bidding on another Network I do Know that it converts okay so my strong Recommendation right now is to get into Click dealer if you are not already if You join click dealer please use my link To join that way you will get the same Account manager as me you'll get to join Our Skype group and you'll get Notifications regularly about what Products you can promote and Specifically what products you can Promote using brand bidding also guys Remember to check out the offer in the Description get all my courses bundled

Together for a grand total of only 77 For a limited time check that out first Link in the description guys thanks for Watching don't forget to click like And Subscribe and I'm looking forward to Seeing you in the next video

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