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Hello and welcome to today's video where We are looking at the best resource for Making money online and from home and Look it doesn't matter what methods we Are looking at when it comes to you know Earning online and making money there Are you know hundreds of ways that you Can do this and depending on who you Speak to that will give you a different Answer you know some people will say Affiliate marketing some people will say YouTube other people will say e-commerce The reason why I've settled upon the Methods I'm going to be sharing with you In today's video is because I've Trialled them I've tested them I've had A lot of experience in these and I've Been looking at making money online for Well not looking up I've been making Money online for probably about 16 years I went full time when we launched this Website here back in 2017 and in that Time we have covered hundreds of methods For making money online some of them Successfully some not successfully you May remember automated Forex Trading and Different crypto currencies and you know We've trialled and tested lots and lots Of resources so the one resource I'm Going to share with you today is one That I've created myself it also comes With a community and live case studies And it's this one over here so this is The University now inside of here you

Can see we have all of these different Categories okay we have affiliate Marketing lots of stuff in here we have An agency we have YouTube we have Printables the Amazon influencer program We have Tick Tock creating a course Fiverr eCommerce and lots more so Basically inside of this huge resource Here this is everything I'm doing in my Own online business to make money online When I'm not you know but in instances Where I'm not doing this method like Fiverr for example I pay someone an Expert who's doing this method and have Made money to come in and do and you Know give the training inside of here The other cool thing about you know Making money online is it's awesome Isn't it okay and we focus on passive Incomes now inside of the University Over here we also have a community uh on Facebook because when you are you know When you are going down this route it Can be very daunting you can feel lonely At times you can even start to question Things you know is this going to work You know are other people going to you Know get success from this and you know It's just sometimes sometimes it's just It's a negative world to say the least But if you are going through a process Whereby you have all of the training Here for you it's all mapped out it's All laid out and you're surrounded by

Others who are on a similar journey to You and they're sharing their own Results it just gives you that Encouragement okay so inside of here Inside of the University I want this to Be the number one resource for anyone Who is looking to make money online and Not only do I know these methods work Because I'm doing them myself I also Have down here a case study section and In the case study section I prove that These methods work because I start from Scratch okay so up here we have you know It doesn't matter whichever one of these You're going to it will show you how to Do all of these methods step by step and It will give you Um homework it will give you resources So you can see down here look we've got Downloaded here we also have homework we Have PDFs we have resources we have Workshops in here so you can see on here Look overview resources homework Etc Okay so in the case study section here I Will go through these methods and start From scratch and I will share them with You so you can see here how it works Earnings on day five earnings on day Seven day 12 Etc the other one we've just finished Was this one out of here whereby we Looked at YouTube and Amazon And again we start from zero how long Did this method take so scroll down here

Going through everything that we're Doing all of the tools that we use and That method there took us 14 days to end Our first commission starting from Scratch and literally there's so many Different ways that you can make money Online and why we focus on a lot of These ones in here is because of the Time at the you know the time effort the Money effort and also the realistic you Know targets that you can make with this Because the earning capacity with all of These methods here is uncut you can earn As much or as little as you like we also Include down here a newsletter so every Month you go ahead and get this PDF we Also have this as a flip book we've got Interviews in here with people who are Making money online in a number of Different ways so this one over here With Tom he does internet marketing this One down here with Craig he made money With um Direct Mail believe it or not And then Greg down here he does he was Selling products on Amazon and then we Have different things in here so you Know reasons you out making money online Boosting your sales social media traffic Etc there's lots of stuff inside of here The other flip side to this is we have The Facebook group over here now inside Of the Facebook group obviously I'm Giving up updates on different case Studies and you know trials like we're

Testing but more importantly is we have Other people you know students from the University who are sharing their methods And how much they're making so we can See on here someone here went down the Agency route and they made a grand total Of 1 500 a month going down the agency So basically they've gone through the Training section over here not this one They've gone over the agency section Here take an action take in the correct Steps and then making money from this if I scroll up here we've got someone doing Facebook reels you can see the numbers On here and yeah it's just a great Little Resource as in addition to the Actual training area over here whereby You know you can ask questions people Will give you encouragement they will Share their results what they're doing What's working well for them what's not Working well and yeah you can see as Well I'm also sharing my own personal You know goals and updates to give Everyone here encouragement and to just Keep pushing forwards really so look That that is they're not taught at School University this is without a Doubting my in my opinion because I'm Creating this the best resource to start Learning about making money online but Also to you know start building a Passive income for yourself and over Time we will continue going down this

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Road down here of doing these case Studies of trialing these methods and Sharing with you the results and Everything that we are doing when it Comes to earning online because look It isn't hard none of this you know this Making money online Concepts is hard you Don't need to pay thousands of dollars For you know different courses and Different products to start this method Pretty much all of these in here Literally let me just double check this Yeah yeah pretty much all of these here These methods here can be done starting With zero money once you you know once You've decided on a method and you Decide to go down that route you don't Need to have any money don't get me Wrong if you do have money you can fast Track it but if you don't have you know A lot of money to start any of these Methods you can just go and start from Day one using the result resources and Tools that we have inside of the University forum and start making money Online because it's not hard it just Takes time effort and consistency and if You are prepared to put in first three Things and be surrounded by you know People of the entrepreneurial mindset And people who are on a similar journey To you it will help you speed up your You know your success and your results So look that is today's video if you

Have any questions about the University Please leave them down below I'll answer Them you know for you not a problem I'll Even do another video on them for you so Yeah take care and I'll see you soon [Music] Foreign [Music]

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