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Hey everyone on today's video I'm super Excited because I want to show you how I Made a hundred and twenty six dollars in Just one hour in affiliate marketing Commissions using chat GPT then I've Gone on to make even more money in the Hour since this strategy is starting to Make me thousands of dollars every Single week and even more as you can see Over the last 30 days I'm seeing the Trend go up as I'm using AI to help me Automate everything I'm doing inside my Business and I do this by utilizing chat GPT and I'm going to show you how to get Access if you haven't had access already There is a way that you can get on and I'm going to show you on this video from There what I want to do is show you Where you can find a whole range of Different types of affiliate marketing Products not on ClickBank not on Warrior Plus not on jvzoo I'm going to show you How to use chat GPT to find these Different affiliate programs then I'm Going to show you how to use another AI Software to create these videos in a Matter of minutes and all this is Absolutely for free then I'm also going To show you exactly how you can scale This 10x and make even more money with Affiliate marketing content and Especially chat jpt so all you need to Do is make sure that you watch this Entire video because I'm going to

Outline everything step by step you do Not want to miss this all I ask that you Do if you're not subscribed to the Channel is go down the bottom hit that Subscribe button so you get notified Every time I post one of these amazing Videos and smash that like button in Appreciation and before we get started I Want you to go down the bottom and Comment let me know are you currently Using AI or not say yes I am or no I'm Not so that I know whether or not you're Starting to use this and let me know at The end of the video if you found this Useful so the first thing that we need To do when it comes to chat gbt is you Need to go over to a site called This is actually going To give you access this to the chat GPT Software because jumping on chat GPT at The moment a lot of people can't get on If you're already on there perfect then You can use this if not go to unlock AI right now and then you'll be Able to sign up to get access to this You'll even have a few days free to use It because chat GPT is going to start Charging now what you want to do is you Want to start utilizing chat GPT to give You suggestions on different types of Products that you can promote we Currently know that AI is absolutely Blowing up everybody wants to know the Latest AI technology everybody wants to

Know the latest AI software Etc so what You want to do the first step to this is You want to come over to chatgpt and you Want to type in something like what are Some of the best AI software to create Videos for YouTube what we're going to Be doing is we're going to be reviewing Some of these videos very quickly Without showing our face without using Our voice without ever holding a camera And all this can be done in a matter of Minutes and some of these different Types of products can pay you residually Passively for months to come so you Create one video you can continue to Make money every single month for the Next six months to a year as long as That person stays a customer of that Product you are going to be making Affiliate marketing commissions Passively so once you have this list What you need to do is choose a product To promote or go and check out their Affiliate programs let's just say as an Example we wanted to promote in video What you will do from there is you'd go Over to in video the actual site or the Company and then what you want to do is You want to scroll all the way down to The bottom and take a look and see Whether or not they have an affiliate Program I know that Nvidia does so what You'll do is you would click onto Affiliate program once you do that it's

Going to bring you over to a page that Looks like this where you need to sign Up to become an affiliate complete all These details and apply for this Affiliate program once that's done What's going to happen when you're Accepted inside nvidia's affiliate Program it's going to give you a Referral link and a lot of resources That you can use to start promoting in Video so now that you have that link What you want to do is come straight Back over to chatgpt and then you want To type in something like this what are The benefits of using in video Point by Point you can also ask it other Questions what else can Nvidia do you Can ask it about the different features Of what Nvidia can do depending on the Type of video you want to make so as you Can see this has given me a very very Good detailed description of exactly What Nvidia does you can come over here And use parts of this you can use all of This it's completely up to you you can Even use just the first parts and I'm Going to show you how you can use it Inside this video now what we want to do Is we want to start creating videos Similar to like what this guy's making Over here say he's showing his face when Not going to show our face you Absolutely don't need to and as he Scrolls Scrolls along as you can see all

He's doing is showing different types of Points of in video as you scroll down And you take a look at the description Of this video you can see that he's got That affiliate link inside the Description of his video and he tells People to click onto it to sign up every Time someone signs up he is making Affiliate marketing commissions these Videos can go viral I've seen some of These videos with hundreds of thousands Of views but I want you to remember this Is just one video as you saw here when We're taking a look at this list you can Create videos on all these different Types of products and creating this Video it's going to take you some time To get used to it as an example for me It takes me less than five minutes to Create this video and get it out there And up onto YouTube as a YouTube short Or if you wanted to create a long video You absolutely could using the software I'm about to show you from here what we Need to do is we need to create that Video but before I show you how to Create that video I've got a very Special announcement and something that You need to be aware of as we already Know chat GPT is absolutely blowing up AI is blowing up content and short form Content is blowing up content in general Is blowing up affiliate marketing has Always been massive how do you put all

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This together so that you can start to Profit to make a lot of money online Well what you need to do is you need to Come over you need to click onto this Link in my description it's called AI Bot this is going to bring You over to a page that looks like this And this is going to get you into the Chat GPT riches eight week boot camp so You need to enter in your email and Reserve your spot right now once you do That it's going to bring you over to This section and you want to watch this Video this is going to explain exactly What we're going to be teaching you over Those eight weeks the traditional way That people sell courses they sell you a Course people will buy that course and We know statistically that 90 of people Never complete that course the 10 they Do only a few percent go on to do this Why no one is holding them accountable And no one is helping them or giving him Support along the way it's a lot harder For them to be successful so what we Want to do is we want to give you Training weekly training over an Eight-week period training exactly how We have made a lot of money online with Affiliate marketing with AI with content And we'll show you exactly what we're Doing once you watch this video and you Sign up you're going to be signing up to The private classes for chat GPT riches

Once you've done that you can scroll Down guys and you can take a look at all The different testimonials of people That have taken on previous trainings of Ours and exactly how much money they're Making there are so many testimonials Over here you can go through and have a Look so that you know once people go Through these boot camps all this stuff Converts so all you need to do is Click Onto that link right now click on to Let's start automating and reserve your Spot because spots are filling up fast And they are limited we do not have an Infinite number of people that can go Through this it is limited so make sure That you don't miss out so now what we Need to do is I need to show you how You're going to create this video where You just got all this information from Chatgpt what you want to do is quite Simply come over to this platform called Canva you're probably thinking why canva Why am I not using something else well Canva is also a software that does a lot Of AI with its videos and it's an Amazing product that you can use and Produce the videos for free without Actually having to pay for it so what You want to do when you're on canva is You want to scroll down over here and You want to click onto videos once you Click onto videos you can scroll down And select mobile video you need the

Resolution to be 1080 by 1920. once you Click onto that it's going to give you Something that looks like this now what We need to do is we need to create a Background because remember what we're Looking to do is to create videos like This and this is exactly what I created With this video this literally took me a Few minutes before I started creating This video to show you how this works And this is the exact same videos that I've been creating multiple channels Whether it be Instagram Tick Tock YouTube shorts Pinterest Etc because the Beauty of creating this type of content Is it's not just isolated to one Platform you can put it up as Facebook Grills Instagram Tick Tock YouTube Shorts Etc so how do you make these Videos so when you're over on camera OV The first thing that you want to do you Can see here on the left hand side You've got all these different options The first thing you want to do is go Over to element and you can type in Something like Video editing as an example hit enter And then what you want to do is you want To go over here where you've got this You want to select these dots over here Then you want to scroll down and you can See here there you've got orientation You want to select vertical and apply Filters now you can see that you've got

All these different types of videos you Can actually come over here and select Videos and you're going to be able to See a lot more a lot of these videos are Free if you see a little Crown next to It it means it's paid so all you need to Do is scroll down and find one of these Videos that you'd like to use it's going To be in the background you can see the One that I used at the start of this Video is a free video everything that I Used inside here is absolutely free okay So all you need to do is Select this as An example and that's going to bring That there so I can stretch this out Okay I will drop this over here and We'll expand that it's just somebody That looks like they're editing then What I did as you can see on my first Scene is I've just put create amazing Videos in minutes using in video so Quite simply you want to come back over Here you want to go on the left hand Side and you can see here that you've Got text so once you select text you can Select add a heading okay you want to Drag this up to the top you can also add Different types of effects which are Really really cool and you can also add Animation as well so you can make all This pop and you can make it look like Somebody's typing it out so everything To make this video stand out as much as Possible so what you want to do double

Click on this and type in exactly what You want it to say as you can see the First bit over here is I've got Something very simple so you can just Write something like How to create videos With in video okay so I'll leave the Creation part to you now guys you can See you can stretch this out you can Make this smaller okay and then what you Can do is you can move this up now you Can go to effects and you've got all These different effects that you can Choose it's entirely up to you then you Can change the color I just went with The red okay and then what you can do is You can very easily turn this move it Around as you can see you've got all These options so you can turn that like That and just pop that there then what You want to do is you want to run the First scene for about three seconds so If you play this move it across for About three seconds not too long then Down here you can see you've got this Cursor over here which you're using to Navigate through here if you right Mouse Click on this you're going to see split Page you want to hit that so your first Scene is actually complete now what you Want to do is you're going to complete Your second scene third scene fourth Scene so let's say the second one you Want to run for about three or four

Seconds you can just again right Mouse Click split that scene and now what you Want to do is create the second scene Now if you wanted to change this video Over here it's very simple all you need To do is just just delete that video Come back over to elements okay you've Got video editing up here let's say you Want to use this video now you just want To grab that hold it drag and drop now What's going to potentially happen is That this will end up okay if we move This over here this is going to end up Going longer than three seconds because The video is longer than three seconds Itself you just want to drag it back Okay now what you want to do is enter in Anything else that you want to have on Your second scene okay so with the Second scene I started to outline some Of the benefits of this product and this Is where the chat GPT all the Information that you got here comes Becomes very very useful you can even go To the site you can do everything but This cuts the research in half for your Case so you can very easily grab point One grab point two grab point three Etc And just start putting it in just like I Have over here I've just created a Different scene okay and that's exactly What you'll do for this one now you are Going to need to play around with this To get used to it but you can see it's

ABS very very easy I've showed you how To change the videos I've show showed You how to cut this I've showed you how To insert all this writing the other Thing that I've done on my video as we Stretch this out okay so I've created This sandals very simple then what I did Is I started telling them some of the Benefits about this and the different Plans okay and as you can see inside Here I've got what is actually the cost Of in video okay so I'm showcasing the Free plan the 15 plan and the 30 plan Which is the monthly pla plan if they Pay yearly now in order for you to get These different screenshots it's going To depend on the type of computer that You have now because I'm using a Mac all I did is I opened up in video and the Pricing over here and basically I Snipped out these three different images Now on a Mac you just want to press Command shift and fall okay as you can See you can just highlight it and then Just grab this just like that Okay and that's going to bring that up On your computer then all you need to do Is just grab that okay and drop it in Here so as you can see I've just dropped That in there okay and and that's Exactly where that's going to go so this Is all I had to do and once you drop That in there it's also going to Download it on inside your canva okay so

If it doesn't drop in there immediately Okay all you need to do is go to your Uploads and just grab it and you're Going to be able to see it there so when You come over to the scene where you Want to showcase this just grab it and Drop it in there you can move your text Overlay so you can showcase anything you Want from that particular product it is That simple if you're not using a Mac Then all you need to do is download What's called a Snipping Tool just go to Your Chrome Store and just download that Extension and you will have the Snipping Tool and you can snip anything you want And then just upload it over to canva so Then as you can see this is exactly what I've done here so I'll just remove that And then at the end what you want to do Is you want to make sure that you have a Call to action so the call to action Here as you can see to to get more info And access click on the link in my Description so you want to tell them That you want to click onto the link in The description just make sure you don't Have any spelling mistakes like I do Because I'm always rushing so you want To make sure that it looks all well and Good and then what you want to do is Upload this video so you want to Download this firstly from canvas you Want to come up to the top you want to Scroll down click on to download you're

Going to download this as an MP4 video And now what we have is we have a very Simple you know this video as you can See over here is only 22.7 seconds long And this is perfect because YouTube Shorts and reels generally are under 60 Seconds long now to make this video a Little bit more appealing and to make People watch it a little bit longer what You can also do is you can add music to This so on the left hand side you can See here you've got audio and all you Need to do for example is choose upbeat Music workout music Etc now you can see Here if I was to play this if I move This cursor all the way to the front Okay and I hit play You can hear that I do have music in Here okay and if I scroll down and click Onto this music this is the music that I've got there and I've just got this From canva you can do the exact same Thing so if I delete this music over Here so if I click onto music and delete That all we need to do is make sure that This curses all the way to the front you Want to come over here and listen to the Different types of songs that they have So just click on this little play button Okay once you find something you like You just want to click onto it here it's Going to add it and it's going to Automatically crop it there okay so if You hit play

You're going to be able to hear it the Other thing you can do is once you click Onto the music okay up top here if you Click onto this little button you'll be Able to play with the volume so now all We need to do like I said is download This video so you click onto the share Go to download download it as an MP4 Video and now what you want to do is you Want to create yourself a YouTube Channel where you are continuously Uploading these different types of Shorts on products showcasing these Different types of software and services People will be clicking onto this I Guarantee you and they will be clicking Onto your link if you think people don't Click onto your link through shorts you Are definitely mistaken this is why when You take a look at these types of videos You can see here how many links these People have the other thing that you can Also do when you scroll down is if you Go to the comment section you can see That he has pinned the comment with his Link to that product and people will be Clicking onto this product and they will Be purchasing if I click onto this it's Going to take me straight over to in Video if I sign up he is going to get Paid this is exactly why people are Doing this and this is what you need to Be doing especially now in 2023 guys if You enjoyed this video please go down

The bottom and let me know in the Comments just comment yes I enjoyed it And that you got to this point and don't Forget to smash that like button in Appreciation from there if you haven't Done so already make sure you go to AI Bot it's linked down the Bottom in the description of this video And make sure that you're signing up to Our eight week private classes where We're going to take you by the hand step By step and show you exactly how you can Make money with chat GPT affiliate Marketing and content this is going to Be some of the best training if you want To make money online do not miss your Spot make sure you sign up right now so All that's left to do now if you want to Know another amazing strategy where you Can make thousands of dollars using Ai And chat GPT is Click onto this video Overview for another amazing strategy of How you can get started in 2023 and Absolutely crush it I'll see you on that Video until next time you guys take care Of yourselves and goodbye

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