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Welcome to today's video where we are Looking at copy and paste and I know What you're probably thinking sounds Like a scam it doesn't sound realistic And I appreciate that however I'm going To share with you the method and look The copy and paste element to this is About 90 there is going to be a couple Of other little bits we need to do but It's all simple we don't need money we Don't need skills and we do not need any Experience now Anna this method works Because I've done this method myself I Also know someone in the community who's Tried this method and I'll share with You their results in a second but Ultimately if you are looking for a Simple and an easy way to start adding You know a little bit of side hustle Money then this will be perfect for you And here's a cool thing we can do this On multiple platforms so literally we'll Walk through this from start to finish If you found the video useful give it a Like I'd really appreciate that any Questions leave them down below but Let's dive into it okay So I'll show you this really quickly so Let me come over here so you can see Here as you can see and this is over Inside of the community someone did this Exact method that I'm going to share With you today on one platform as I've Mentioned you can try this on multiple

Platforms now the end result here is you Can see 460 pounds and 18 Pence profit For the month now I'm in the UK so That's a little over 500 profit in a Single month doing what I'm going to Share with you today it's not difficult It really isn't so let's start at the Beginning with this method okay so I've Come over here onto Let's see now as I mentioned it's not Just Etsy I'll share with you multiple Platforms where you can look at this Entire method Okay so Over on here let me scroll to the top so You can see this on Etsy I've just typed In kids bed with sliding all I can see Here there's 18 000 people I'm searching For a kid's bed with a slider okay now Whenever I'm shopping whether it's on Etsy Amazon eBay it doesn't really Matter I always do the same process Whenever I'm looking for something and Obviously like yeah I'm actually looking For a kid's bed with a slide and I was Looking at different options okay and I Came across this one here Now this doesn't have a slide but it Does have it does have a slide and a Sliding mattress underneath so I've Clicked on here okay and I've come into Their shop And I can see this is it so now Obviously these are the pictures on Etsy So they have these different you know

Cushions on here throwers and other bits But essentially it's this wooden frame Here with a pull out you can see here in Fact let me see if we've got a different Picture of it Again no You see they make the picture look Lovely but essentially it is they see it This wooden bed frame okay so whenever I'm looking at any product online I Always do the same thing I right click On this and I click on search image with Google and then basically what this Allows you to do is over on the right Hand side here it will show you that Image online wherever else it's selling Basically so for squad on here I can see You know we've got listings on Etsy over Here we've got a listing for this Product on Wayfair and it's the same Product it's just got different you know Cushions on here come down here again More listings on it and see and you can Just scroll through and you can find Look we've got one over here band bait This one here in stock so all I do on Here is I'll literally click some of These different tabs now I can see here This is 253 pounds Over here same one on this website here It's 113 pounds and 60 Pence so I could Go ahead and buy this product here for a Lot cheaper than what I could get it for Other on Etsy and then again it doesn't

Matter what you're looking at whether You are looking for a bed or whether you Are looking at any anything if you do This little tip here where you right Click and search for it online you will Find out if it's selling somewhere a lot Cheaper so let me show you another Example So here I have got this here this Victorian Victoria traditional bed Thread 339 pounds so if I come into the Listing here and again I just did the Same process right clicked it and search For it guess what I found the exact same One on Amazon for you can see here 99 Pounds and 99 Pence and it is literally The same thing okay look we can see Here's the details of this okay let's go Back up to Etsy and have a look at the Listing and you can say look it's the Same it's the exact same thing obviously Different cushions and then again went Over here onto eBay and look Has the same product The exact same one so you can see over Here so someone is selling this product Let me just get rid of this someone is Selling this product on eBay for 359 Pounds they've sold three of them and They've got seven available someone is Selling the exact same one over here on Etsy for 399 pounds for 400 pounds and We can see on here they've got 34 sales Now the sales on here are not just for

This item they are in this person's shop Okay so a lot of people get that can't Get confused by this so if I click on Here now I can go into their shop And basically have a look at what They're selling so if I scroll down here We can see they've had 34 sales and what Are they selling they are selling beds Pretty straightforward and simple so I'm Gonna go back and I'm going to scroll Down here and have a look at this here So look at some of the different reviews For this I can see different look great Price for this and if I was click on Here it will show you the different um Thing the different products whereby They've been given feedback for it okay So you know how do you make money with And look this is just one example we've Looked at eBay Amazon Etsy you can also Do this with Facebook you can do it with Your own website I know people who are Doing doing this exact method and They're opening up shops on Facebook and Doing this now this method here people Get a little bit confused with this they Think it is called Drop Shipping it's Not called Drop Shipping it is called Arbitrage and it's basically whereby we Are finding a product online and we are Selling that product at a marked up Price and once that product sells we Then go onto one of the other platforms And we buy the product from there using

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The money which somebody has given us to Buy the products and we have it sent to Them and you can do this in lots of Different ways honestly you can do this With Walmart you can do it with catalog Companies and in fact over here inside Of the not started school University I'll walk you through there's a number Of ways for this so if I come down here To e-commerce and click on Retail Arbitrage there's a full section on this So if you are in the University go Through and have a look at this and I Give you live examples of this you know You find in different products to flip Using Amazon for this free tools that You can use for this method but as you Start at the beginning of this video it Works it absolutely works sir what is You know what is the method and how do You do this yourself well literally You've got a number of options You can decide on a category or a niche And then go and do a bit of research and Find products and then we are looking For the same product online at a lower Price and all we're doing is with any of These items all we're doing is we're Coming into one of them as as we've done Over here on Etsy we right click on the Product when we click on search image With Google and then we just basically See if we can find that same product Online elsewhere a lot cheaper now going

Back to this example over here with Sorry let me close this with this over Here on Amazon 99 pounds and people are Selling it over here on eBay for 359 pounds so and if I come into the Actual listing we can see they've sold Three of these so if we're doing a bit Of you know product Arbitrage between EBay and Amazon obviously you would need To take into into account defeat and It's the same with Etsy okay But how it works is you put a listing up In this we'll go with the example of Either we would put a listing up of this So we would copy this here Then we would just change this around But essentially we are putting a listing Up to sell this item over here once the Item sells and you receive the money From the buyer you can then jump over Onto Amazon or anywhere else and have That company or Amazon send it to your Buyer the great thing about Amazon is You can obviously you can put in the Gift option in there so it you know it Takes away the price and the other stuff But either way this method works I've Seen people absolutely crushing it with This method using the Facebook Marketplace it's a great way to sell Products on there and obviously you Don't have to take into account the fees But you know fees are something we need To look at but let's just continue with

This example over here so it costs we're Selling it on eBay for 359 we can buy it On Amazon for 99 pounds so let's see how We would do this so obviously if I come Back over here onto eBay gone to this One down here you also have the option Normally on eBay where it says block Here have have one to sell sell it Yourself you click on that and it Literally put the listing on eBay for You and then all we're doing is we're Literally copy this and then change bits Around to this we could even come over Here to Amazon and again change bits Around here but essentially we're Putting in this information down here so You know from copy and pasting how much Can you make with this well let's have a Look on a quick eBay calculator okay so This one here is called ecal there are a Number of these but I found this one Simple and easy and it's free so all we Do on here is okay we have it on the Buy It Now tab then we scroll down here and Basically we've got to put some Information into here okay so category I'm going to leave it on basic free a Basic fees I'm going to leave Star level On Northstar and I'm also going to leave This as a free listing because eBay Allows 20 listings per month for our Frame now come down here we need to put In a price so if I go back over onto EBay they're selling this item at 359

Pounds so to start with I would put my Item like this on eBay and I would Undercut the market basically to try and Get my my listing to go up the rankings On eBay so I would put this at say 319 Pounds like this shipping and handling And we're going to charge them shipping And handling no I'm not I'm going to Scroll down here I'm going to leave this On one Scroll fabric on the page and I'm just Going to skip past all of this stuff Down here now this is the important part Item cosigner the item on Amazon costs 99. 99 and then over here it says true Shipping and handling costs well that's Zero as well so I'm going to come down Here and I'm going to click on Calculator and what this will tell me Here is if I was to put this listing Over onto eBay I can see exactly my Profit and also my fees because people Forget about the fees but for scroll Down here we can see how much it will Cost us to list this if it wasn't using The free list if it wasn't using the Free listings we can see the total Number of fees here so PayPal fees and EBay fees but then if I come over here We can say breaking this down eBay and PayPal fees item cost so it's like Expenses total selling price and total Profit so if I was to go with this

Method and sell that one item on eBay I Would make the grand total of a hundred And seventy five pounds and 71 Pence That's a little under 200 from one Listing where I've copied and pasted It's straightforward and simple I think You will agree and as I've mentioned Okay we can try this method on a number Of platforms Now eBay and Amazon they're Not you know they don't particularly Like you doing this method but that's Not said people aren't doing it because I know people are doing it and I know People are making money with this method The same goes for Etsy but also as I Mentioned previously if I was going to Try this method nowadays I would prob Personally I would go down the Facebook Group and literally set up a Facebook Shop or some listings on Facebook Marketplace because obviously with that We wouldn't need to be paying any fees And yeah I would just have the item Shipped from wherever I would buy it From to the buyer on Facebook That is exactly what I would do but Obviously whenever you are doing this Method you need to take into account any Fees for this thing and here we've Looked at eBay Amazon Etsy you can also Look at huge websites you can look at Walmart over in the UK there's like Poundland pound shop believe it or not You can even find products on there that

You can sell I've done videos on this in The pasta okay so look that is today's Video it's straightforward it's simple And it will just take a little bit of Time and effort and all you need to Remember is whenever you are doing this Method wherever you are whichever Picture you are looking at just right Click it and come down here and search Images with Google people do this method With the traditional Drop Shipping You Know The Drop Shipping method whereby They would find products like this which Are selling they would then go over to Alibaba or AliExpress or even dhgar get Those products imported and then they Would literally start making money and Start selling their products and making Money that way there's lots of ways you Can deal with this but you know if you Are starting out you don't need any Money because how it works is you put Your listings up once your item sells You get the money and then you can use That money to buy the product and send It over to your buyer and as I've seen You know it works I've done this method Myself I have personal enough people who Are doing this it just takes some time And effort and if you are in the University then you can come over here Into the e-commerce category and go Through this and you know there's lots More stuff in here for you and that's

One method of making money online There's many many more so any questions Leave them down below as always thanks For watching have a great day and I'll See you soon [Music]

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